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Andrew Mitchell defends overseas aid policy as Tories attack

Providing aid to struggling countries overseas is just as vital to Britain’s security as tanks and guns, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has insisted.

The Birmingham MP was defending himself as Conservative backbenchers in the House of Commons openly criticised the Government’s commitment to aid.

David Cameron has made a...

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Disgraced peer Lord Taylor claimed £5,100 after being charged with fiddling expenses

Lord Taylor of Warwick, the Birmingham-born peer, claimed more than £5,000 in expenses after being charged with false accounting last year.

The Conservative peer was charged with false accounting in July last year and convicted this January, after a jury at Southwark Crown Court found him guilty of claiming £11,277 in false parliamentary expenses claims.

But it has emerged that between October 1 and December 30 last year he claimed and received another £5,100.

The allowance was paid for 17 days attended in the House of Lords.

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Scotland Yard could step up phone hacking investigation amid claims Tony Blair and the Duchess of Cambridge were victims

Scotland Yard could widen its investigation into hacking amid claims Tony Blair and the Duchess of Cambridge have been victims.

The force said it had received allegations of privacy breaches which fall outside of its ongoing probe into claims that staff at the News of the World hacked into the...

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Ed Miliband on banks, police cuts and his nose

I interviewed Labour leader Ed Miliband back in April for Trinity Mirror. Although the story appeared in many of the group's newspapers, I don't think it made it on to at the time, mainly because of looming local elections.

So better late than never:

Labour would tax the banks and pump the money into Britain's great towns and cities to create jobs, party leader Ed Miliband has revealed.

In a detailed interview, he set out his plan to support local businesses and give the construction sector a massive boost.

And he slammed the Government for failing to tax Britain's banks and financial services industry, largely based in London, while employers in other parts of the country were struggling.

Mr Miliband also warned that cuts to police budgets had forced chief constables to sack hundreds of their most experienced officers by making them take early retirement - and predicted this would hit public confidence in the police.

The Labour leader accused the Coalition Government of failing to draw up a strategy to help employers bring jobs and prosperity to the regions.

He said: "Here's one thing I would do very differently. I would be having a bank bonus tax this year - I wouldn't be cutting taxes for the banks.

"And I would be using that money to put young people back to work, to get the housing sector moving and to give more money to small and medium-sized enterprises to help them grow.

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Eric Pickles' plans for Birmingham are like Hitler's plans for Austria (without the horrific overtones), says Labour

Turning Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby into the city's "shadow mayor" is the equivalent of Hitler invading Austria (but without the really bad bits), according to Labour.

Jeremy Beecham, one of Labour's shadow local government ministers, made the rather dramatic claim in the House of Lords, as peers debated the Localism Bill.

We've written extensively about the Bill in the Birmingham Post. It will allow Local Governnment Secretary Eric Pickles to nominate Coun Whitby as the city's "shadow mayor" - shadow in this case being a euphemism for "acting" - in advance of a referendum next May, when residents will be asked whether they want a full-blown elected mayor or not.

But there will also be local elections next May, when Labour could become the majority party on the city council. As the legislation stands, Coun Whitby, a Conservative, would continue to lead the council as shadow mayor, even if Labour wins control in the election (although I guess there's no law that could stop him doing the decent thing and resigning).

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Localism Bill undermines councils and threatens democracy, say MPs

Elected police chiefs, establishing free schools and reforms of the NHS are undermining local councils and wrecking local democracy, MPs have warned.

An influential Commons committee accused Ministers of attempting to “marginalise” councils, despite promises to give them more authority.

The Communities and Local Government Select Committee, including MPs James...

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Liberal Democrats want raising of women's retirement age delayed to 2026

Liberal Democrat MPs are pressing the Government to perform yet another u-turn, this time over plans to raise the state pension age.

Lorely Burt (Lib Dem Solihull) and John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) have both signed a Commons motion criticising plans to raise the pension age for women to 66...

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Tom Watson on the powerful forces covering up phone hacking

Black Country Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich East) told the House of Commons he believed "powerful forces" were at work to cover up illegal phone-tapping.

A bit over the top?

You can decide for yourself, after Watson set out the story, as he sees it, of the phone hacking scandal, in a speech to the GMB conference in Brighton this week, which you can see here:

It's 13 minutes long but he's a pretty good speaker and it's not dull.

Among other things, he accused newspapers of trying to hack the phones of the grieving parents of children murdered in Soham.

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Birmingham MP condemns care homes firm Southern Cross as it announces job cuts

A Labour MP has condemned two close aides of former Prime Minister Tony Blair for their role in ailing care home provider Southern Cross, which runs 43 homes in the West Midlands.

As the company announced it was cutting up to 3,000 jobs across the UK, Birmingham MP Roger Godsiff...

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