I am an experienced journalist specialising in politics and working as Deputy Political Editor for the Sunday Express, based in Westminster as a member of the Lobby.

I have made regular television appearances as a newspaper reviewer. I use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote my work.

I have managed and presented video broadcasts such as Facebook Live events. I have also created and edited a newsletter. I am experienced in the use of CMS systems such as CUE and Escenic, including basic layout, adding photographs and captions and SEO best practice. 

As Deputy Political Editor for the Sunday Express I research and write articles which appear in the newspaper and online. I take part in editorial conferences, helping to guide the direction of the paper.  I also commission and edit articles from outside contributors including senior politicians.

Examples of my work can be seen at https://www.express.co.uk/search?s=Jonathan+Walker

In the past I have written for the Mirror. Samples of my work for them are here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/authors/jonathan-walker/

In a previous role I edited and published stories which appeared on the Birmingham Live news website (www.birminghammail.co.uk), one of the UK’s largest news websites. 

I also created and edited a newsletter product called Midlands Message for Reach PLC, owners of the Sunday Express. This used a newsletter CMS system called Pure 360. I drew up a pitch for the newsletter which was accepted by the company, and oversaw the design and branding. As editor I commissioned copy from reporters and outside contributors, produced the newsletter and managed the mailing list.

An example of the Midlands Message newsletter is here: https://e.birminghammail.co.uk/interface/external_view_email.php?RK10632930112zzzzz6496b921f4cbcbdfea8d7ae4d91aad35e487c6c7187961cc8da91a47eb3a025ad3&varId=

I began my career working in traditional printed media and have learned new skills as the industry has changed, including the use of Content Management Systems and analytics tools.